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Soil and Compost Analysis

Discover what Soil Food Web organisms are living in your soils.

Many of our agricultural practices degrade the quality of our soils. With the help of microbiology, these soils can once again team with life. This process begins with an understanding of your starting point, by ordering a Soil Food Web test.



Within a productive soil, lives an array of microbiology that can only be seen using a high powered microscope. Including bacteria, filamentous organisms (actinobacteria and fungi), protozoa (flagellates, ciliates, and amoeba), nematodes and micro-arthropods.

The benefits of a robust soil food web include:

Higher crop productivity

Increased water infiltration

Reduced need for irrigation

Reduced need for inputs

Reduced pest and disease pressure

Building soil

Testate Amoeba


To get started, all you'll need is:

  1. An area to sample

  2. Permanent marker

  3. Apple corer or similar tool

  4. A few snack bags

Send us your samples, and you'll get back an assessment, including number or biomass calculations for each organism type, including a Fungal to Bacterial Ratio.

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